French cooking 101’s 

Learn the basics of French cooking from home

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Our new course Get Started With French cooking is now open and it has been built from the ground up with beginner home cooks and foodies in mind. My online cooking training program will take you through a series of simply explained theory and practical demonstrations  that will help you transform you cooking at home.

The course has already transformed people lives by showing them what they could achieve in their home kitchen. Don’t wait and become the chef in your kitchen and make everybody in the family belly happy. this is simply one of the most complete set of French cooking classes you will find online.

Here is what you will learn:

Get Started with French cooking is an entry level course perfect for beginner home cooks and foodies that want to learn French cooking without having to enroll in a brick and mortar school.  all the material and lesson in this course are based on French culinary school curriculum for first years to be French chefs.

12 Units covering the essential skills and techniques you need to cook great French food including:

  • 25 Theory Lessons so you understand how a technique works before having a go yourself
  • More than 35 Cooking Demonstration Videos filmed in a home kitchen to give you an authentic home cooking experience
  • 4 Recipe Challenges to practice what you have learned and submit for evaluation and get a certificate of completion
  • More than 30 classic French recipes practice
  • Plus bonus culinary technique video lessons to expand your culinary toolkit
  • Loads of exclusive learning materials to help deepen your knowledge of French cooking
  • Access to the private French Cooking Academy Student Facebook group a space for passionate foodies to share tips, recipes and interact with the instructor.
  • Flexible. Learn anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it out and get a full refund if it’s not right for you
  • An Evergreen Course which means you’ll always get access to all future updates and new material for free

what about culinary Books?

This is a question I am always being asked : “what book should I buy if I am a beginner cook.

Well, If you wonder what  professional cooking books to buy,  here are some great culinary books that I am using :

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