Elevate your cooking skills with the French Cooking Academy.

Cooking and recipes

Welcome to the french cooking academy online school
We teach the art of French cuisine to the modern home cook

Going out to a restaurant is great but the richest connections happen over a home cooked meal. But cooking for family and friends is intimidating and it can be frustrating to figure out where to start. Our courses make learning to cook French food easy and fun and will transform you into the true chef of your kitchen.

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Just like being in a culinary school

Our courses are based on the classic cooking skills taught in French culinary schools and the time honored techniques developed by the fathers of French cuisine. Our courses are practical and ‘hands-on’ by design. This means you will practice cooking as you learn, just like you would in a culinary school (without the travel and the big fees).

Why French cuisine?

French cuisine is a cultural experience that melds flavorful foods with beauty, leisure, and therapeutic preparation. It’s both an art and a lifelong passion. You will never stop learning. You will never run out of recipes. You will never stop delighting yourself with a new technique and you will never stop delighting your loved ones with beautiful dishes you create.

Keeping things simple

We bust the myth that making great French food is only for the professionals or that it should be intimidating. Our techniques and recipes are precise, easy to follow and always relevant for you, the home cook. With a mix of theory, cooking demonstrations and recipe challenges you’ll be engaged and motivated until the end of each course.

Are you ready to cook like a chef in your kitchen?

The French Cooking Academy online culinary school is brand new and our first course “Get Started with French Cooking” will launch soon. Unique and exciting courses will be added to the school over time to both build and challenge your techniques and skills. Our mission is to make learning French cooking easy and unleash your inner French chef.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Walter Morim says:

    Hi, First of all congartulations on your videos. I am brazilian and I have been watching your videos for the past few weeks.
    I have one request. Maybe you already made a video about it but, if you did I was not able to find. Could you please make a video about coq au vin?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.



  2. Bas_M says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your channel and recipes because of the very original recipes and the the way you make them very easy to understand and replicate. If I go to a classy restaurant these days, I get all kinds of deconstructed classic dishes, foams, jellies and even smoke…. and with the odd exception, most of that has no taste at all. If I then take inspiration from your recipe of Moules farcies au beurre d’ail, and recreate the recipe, I am completely blown away. Thanks for that!


    1. Thanks bas much appreciated. I will keep making those classic recipe then. I though people would think it’s too old fashioned.


  3. Peter says:

    We need to thank you. you have opened up a new world of cooking to me and I love it. old fashioned…. no my friend this is real cooking at its best. thank you so much for all your videos. when will the new website be up and running? keep up the good work , you inspire us to live and cook better at home. Peter from South Africa


  4. Tony Legge says:

    Hi Stephane

    Great channel – It’s amazing how the french have managed to get ingredients tasting so good in combination. This is proper cooking…

    Just a couple of things – It’s not a ‘nudge’ of butter, it’s a knob of butter and it’s not steer, it’s stir, rhyming with beurre….lol

    Keep up the great work!

    Tony – An English man in France….


    1. Ah great I will keep this in mind for the prononciation . :0)


  5. Marcy L Raykowski says:

    That Tony that left a reply because of your mispronunciation – can he speak French as well as you speak English? I like a nudge of butter and steer is okay with me. We all know what you mean.


  6. Dan Sodus says:

    Hello: (err… Bonjour !)
    Thanks for taking on this project! I’ve made 5 of your recipes so far and have learned SO much! The recipes are great. But, the opportunities to riff on what you’ve taught give me endless opportunities to sustain myself with great food.
    I have a new idea that I hope you’ll consider seriously. I want to learn French. YOU should record each new show in English and in very very VERY basic French. Can you imagine how far you could expand the cultural reach of France by teaching us how to make the best food in the world in the most beautiful language in the world? Use the same approach for language as you have used for food… start basic, assume we know nothing, and proceed step-by-step. If you need a language model consult Pimsluer (I did great in their French course until lesson 17 – not sure what went wrong?!?) But, anyway… YOU could teach many of us how to converse and cook in French !!! (Given the cultural influx your home nation has experienced – you might earn a Nobel prize if you can help newly arrived Frenchmen assimilate peacefully to their host culture. Flavor-sharing (and more peaceful progress for all) will surely result!!


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