New French Patisserie Course

French desserts always have been cherished by many people around the world and anyone that went to France would never deny that French patisseries are just a delight. so many things to try and so little time, this is the dilemma we all face when going to France on  holidays isn’t it. to make things worse travel around the globe has comme to a halt and going to France for a foodie experience has just become impossible. But there are good news on the horizon. at the French cooking academy you can learn French patisserie online online with our new dessert classes that will allow to actually recreate all of those delicious food right at home.

Our latest course is just out and it is all about learning the basics of French desserts making at home. It is called French Dessert Essentials and it has been designed to teach you how to make classic French desserts. the concept is very simple, you will learn 10 key patisserie skills and use these skills to make 10 CLASSIC FRENCH DESSERTS. In no time you will be making cream choux puff, chocolate eclairs, creme brûlée, tarte tatin, flan parisien and much more at home.

So if you are keen on dessert making don’t hesitate to check our course page and get all of the juicy details. We are running a special promotion for the whole of august 2020 and now is the best time to enroll. So stop looking at those tempting dessert pictures and start making your own at home today!

click here for more details

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