Why you need a cast iron skillet. 

Cast iron is trending at the moment and more and more web site will soon be demonstrating how to cook beef chicken and pork using cast iron pans and skillet. 

Cast iron is really a super versatile and long lasting material, but unfortunately it is also super heavy which is why I think it has been slowly replaced by newer material. 

But like everything  what was old yesterday  is back in fashion today. So perhaps it’s a good time to give it a go if you have not yet.

Talking about my own cooking experience I can say that one pan or skillet should  definitely be part of you array of cookware. It can be a bit intimidating at first but you start finding use for it it can quickly become the heavy duty workhorse around the house.

 Cast iron is used a lot in India and other country due to its cheap cost and incredible durability, so to start off a skillet can be the pan of choice to make beautiful curries and even used dry to cook naans chapati and other delicious breads. 

You can also use those cast iron pans straight on charcoal or barbecue for some outdoor or back to the roots cooking to slow cook or sizzle all kind of meats the limit is just your imagination really. 

Finally one the greatest thing about cast iron skillets is that you can find them at really cheap price without compromising on quality as cast iron is cast iron regardless of the price.


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