New website coming soon

Hi everyone. 

As you may have noticed nothing much has been posted lately on the blog and the reason for this is that I am currently working on creating a brand new website from scratch. 

There has been a huge Increase of suscribers and watchers on the channel and i really wanted all of you guys to be able to play an Integral part of that movement so you don’t feel left out. 

A website made for keen home cooks:

the new website will bring  you a lot of new features but most importantly the ability for you to create and post your own recipes in full format including pictures and step by step instruction and share them with everyone. Furthermore the new website will have its own dedicated subscriber recipe space and every subscriber will be able to comment and rate your recipes.

In the spotlights:

Every month one of the subscriber recipe will be featured on the forefront of the site home page for a week. So if you a keen cook with great recipe it’s time to get cooking. 

The new website is set to launch in March so better bookmark the page now.

See you soon.



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